Membership FAQs

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If I have a current membership, will the new levels affect me?

Yes, but not until you renew your membership after April 1, 2018.

What if I want to purchase a membership after I have paid general admission?

The amount you paid for the people that will be on the membership will be deducted from the membership cost.

How long does it take to process membership cards?

Allow five business days for memberships to be processed and ready for pickup.

What happens if I buy my membership today and want to use it at another museum tomorrow?

You will not be able to obtain a physical membership card in one day. However, if you purchase the membership online, most museums will accept your confirmation email as proof.

How does my membership work at other museums?

Discovery Space is part of the ASTC Travel Passport Program. This allows you to use your membership at other ASTC museums and science centers across the country.

Can I still get into museums that are a part of the ASTC passport program if I don’t have my cards with me?

Museums that are a part of the ASTC passport program can call Discovery Space during our business hours to verify that you have a current membership.

Can I add a caregiver to my membership?

Yes, for a $20 fee.

What is general admission?

General admission is $7 per person and will not be increasing at this time.

Do adults have to pay general admission if they are not planning on interacting with exhibits?

Yes, everyone must pay general admission. Adults are encouraged to interact with their children.

Do I need to purchase tickets before coming to Discovery Space?

You do not have to purchase tickets in advance. All you need to do is pay general admission at the front desk.

Is there parking at Discovery Space?

Yes, we have a free parking lot.

If you have additional questions please email
Or call us at 814.234.0200